Perfumes and Oud


Step into the captivating world of Oud and perfumes at City Centre Suhar, where your senses will be delighted. Our carefully selected scents will not only elevate your everyday experience but also add a touch of luxury to your personal style. 

Start your fragrant journey today at Amouage, where we create perfumes with love. Each one is a masterpiece produced in a special French factory, embodying our dedication to quality and creativity. Atyab Al Marshoud is distinguished by its unparalleled, original high-quality perfumes, as they are manufactured in a special perfume factory in France. Step into Capital Store, where you'll find an array of exceptional perfumes from around the world. It's a cozy corner where scents tell stories of distant places and cherished memories. Continue your journey at Al Khanjar, where the rich traditions of the Middle East come alive through perfumes, incense, and oud. It's a warm embrace of aromatic heritage. Next, visit Ibraheem Al Qurashi Store, where our uniquely crafted scents reflect our passionate commitment to excellence. Here, warmth meets creativity in every fragrance. Head to , which has been using the world’s finest ingredients to blend their signature scents since 1974. Arabian Oud is one of the largest suppliers of traditional Middle Eastern fragrances in the world and has a name for creating exquisite blends that capture the spirit and culture of the region.

Check out our extensive list of perfumiers and traditional oud stores below and start planning your next trip to City Centre Suhar today.

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