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March 2020

5 Healthy Things to Do Every Day While Staying At Home

How to stay on track when you’re social distancing?


A mother & daughter practicing yoga at home


There are easy ways to keep you and your family in tip-top health


You’re not alone if you’re finding it slightly tricky to spend so much more time at home. But in a world that rarely stops still, perhaps we can all take comfort in the homes we’ve worked hard to create. From mood-boosting décor details to home exercise sessions, take a look below where you’ll find our top advice to making it work for you.

Clean Slate 

At home, hygiene is of the utmost importance given the current situation, so first things first, give your living space a thorough spring clean. Now’s the time to scrub off those marks on the tiles and wipe off those bugging marks on the wall. 

Make a mini checklist of daily cleaning tasks to carry out each day and allocate specific jobs to the rest of the family – if anything, it’ll give them something to do for an hour or so!

Little Luxuries 


A scented candle sits in front of a vase of flowers

It’s all in the details – scented candles go a long way to setting a happy vibe in your home 


As we’re all spending more time at home than usual, make it somewhere you want to be by creating an environment that makes you happy. Chillout music, scented candles or a bowl of colourful fruit to snack on throughout the day will help do the trick.

It sounds simple, but surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy indeed can have a positive effect on your mood and outlook. 

Set a Routine


Red flowers beside a laptop, mug and book

Create a work station with plenty of light

While it’s tempting to sleep in late, shuffling from your bed to the sofa and spending the entire day wearing your pyjamas, setting a more structured daily routine will make your time at home way more productive. 

If you’re working from home at the moment, create your workstation on a table or hard surface – try not to sit on your sofa or bed.

People who regularly work from home will agree that it’s essential to strike a balance between work and chill time, so pick an area that gets lots of light and pull up a chair with plenty of back support. Make sure you clear away laptops, papers and work tools once you’ve finished for the day to feel fully off-duty.

Supercharged Smoothies


Strawberry smoothies garnished with berries


Healthy smoothies are a great start to the day

Maintaining a healthy diet is vital right now, and chances are you’ve already stocked up more groceries than usual. If you’ve got an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies, don’t let them go off – instead, give them a good wash, chop up and pop in the freezer to pull out as you need. 

We find that frozen fruit works better in a smoothie, so blend up as many colours of the rainbow as possible to give you and your family a nutritious start to the day. 

Living Room Workout 


Yoga teacher filming an online live yoga class


Check out Dubai-based instructor @jivamuktiwithdina’s live yoga classes – all of which can be streamed on Zoom 


Are you missing your yoga class or PT session? Scroll through YouTube where you’ll find a never-ending stream of brilliant at-home exercise sessions to try instead, or reach out to your local gym and ask if any of their trainers are doing online or video sessions – they’ll appreciate the support.

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