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March 2020

5 Feel-Good Movies You Can Watch Right Now Online

Make some popcorn and curl up with these mood-boosting flicks.


Tubs of popcorn

Feel-good classic and new movie releases to watch at home


We could all do with a few hours of escapism right now. Whether it is continuously scrolling through our social feeds for updates or tirelessly tuning into the latest breaking news, the current situation can leave even the best of us feeling a little low. 

Cosying up on the couch in front of an excellent film is a surefire way to take your mind off the world’s worries shortly and thanks to the growing number of online streaming services, there is now more viewing material at our fingertips than ever before. 

From the laugh-out-loud flick that always brings a smile to our face to a musical comedy that you can’t help but sing along to, here are five of the best movies to watch, all sure to boost your spirit – plus, where to order your favourite cinema food at home.


This Is 40


This is 40 on Netflix

WatchThis is 40 on Netflix 

Where to watch: Netflix 
Perfect for: Watching with your other half 

While not a new release, we recently watched this hit movie on Netflix and can confirm that it still holds up in the comedy stakes. The brilliant Leslie Mann (the flick also co-stars her daughter) and Paul Rudd play a married couple entering their forties juggling the trials and tribulations of their jobs, bathroom boundaries and bringing up tech-obsessed kids. 

This film delivers many laughs and is one that many will find relatable – especially during a time when we are spending so much time at home with the family!

Frozen 2


Frozen 2


From big kids to little kids, Frozen 2 will keep everyone happy

Where to watch: Apple TV 
Perfect for: Kids of all ages 

If you are a parent to little ones, then chances are you have already watched the blockbuster sequel to the first frozen flick. If, however, you missed it in the cinema, now is your chance to get extra brownie points with your brood and buy it on Apple TV.

Be aware – the songs are super catchy, and everyone in your house will be humming the same tune for many days to come.

Free Willy 


Free Willy on Netflix


Troubled kid Jesse bonds with a killer whale in Free Willy 

Where to watch: Netflix
Perfect for: A family duvet day

An oldie but a goodie from 1993, this childhood classic was recently added to Netflix. Perfect for the whole gang – younger ages included – the story follows Jesse, a troubled young boy, who bonds with a killer whale named Willy. Jesse embarks on a battle to free his new friend back into the wild from owners who want to harm him. 

Sure, there are some sad bits, but this touching film is mainly upbeat and, most importantly, wraps up with a happy ending. 

School of Rock 


The School of Rock cast

The cool kids in School of Rock with their music-obsessed ‘teacher.’

Where to watch: Apple TV 
Perfect for: Music-loving kids and adults alike 

Lead by legendary funnyman Jack Black; this pumping comedy is packed with music and fun. Black plays a rock enthusiast who, after being kicked out of his band, takes up a teaching job at a prestigious elementary school despite having no qualifications to do so. The plot sees Black’s character inspire the kids to break out their talent to form their very own band. 

Expect plenty of raucous comedy, hilarious performances and rock ‘n’ roll riffs from this crowd-pleasing flick. 

The Hundred-Foot Journey 


A scene from The Hundred-Foot Journey

The Hundred-Foot Journey stars Dame Helen Mirren and Charlotte Le Bon

Where to watch: Netflix 
Perfect for: All the foodies

This film is quite literally a feast for the senses. A tale of clashing cultures and cuisine, the flick follows Dame Helen Mirren’s uptight character Madame Mallory, whose fancy gourmet restaurant in the French countryside is disrupted when Hassan Kadam (played by Manish Dayal) and his family move in opposite and open an exotic Indian eatery. 

A rivalry soon breaks out between the two restaurants, until things take an unexpected and heartwarming turn. 

Order Cinema Eats Straight To Your Sofa 


Delivery popcorn from VOX Cinemas in the UAE


Order popcorn for your next movie night directly from VOX Cinemas in the UAE

Did you know that you could still order all of your favourite cinema snacks right to the comfort of your home? Available through Talabat, Uber Eats, Zomato and Deliveroo, you’ll find all of the tasty treats you know and love from VOX Cinemas’ menu, including nachos, hotdogs, burgers and tubs piled high with salty popcorn.

March 2020

5 of the Best Boredom-Busting Activities to Keep Kids Happy At Home

From arts and crafts to treasure hunts, here are a few ideas to keep your little ones busy.


A young boy with painted hands

Fun-filled activities for kids at home while social distancing 


Staying home and social distancing does not have to mean endless hours of screen time and computer games for your kids – there are plenty of alternative and affordable ways to keep the little ones entertained. Just look below, where we are counting down a few of our favourite games to play at home with the kids and creative ways to keep them busy. 


Bake Off


Three young girls decorating colourful cakes

We love these colourful cakes seen on Poppi Kit’s Instagram  


Host a family bake-off in your kitchen by teaching little ones how to whip up simple recipes such as vanilla cupcakes and blueberry muffins. You could also set up a small cookie-decorating table with icing, sprinkles and colourful candies – we are game for any activities that involve dessert!


Treasure Hunt 

With Easter on the horizon, why not plan your egg hunt around the garden or house? If you are running low on chocolate (or want to avoid significant sugar highs), order reusable plastic eggs from the supermarket and fill them with pocket change, little treats or tiny toys instead. 

Movie Magic 


A child wearing an astronaut costume

As seen on Taza’s Instagram, outfits like this one will come in handy for home movie making 


If like us, you have been watching a LOT of Netflix recently; we say put all that film knowledge to good use and inspire your brood to write up a mini-movie or skit script together. Create a makeshift stage with a curtain (bed sheets work well for this) and perform your play for the other parent. Your kids can even show off their acting skills in a fun video to send to family or friends. Every Oscar-winner started somewhere!

Positive Painting


A young boy holding a picture of a painted rainbow

Spread smiles by painting the rainbow-like @themasenhelders

Create a picture and pasta painting station for your little ones to get creative – just make sure to layout plenty of newspaper to protect your dining room table. 

You will need: 

½ cup baby cereal 
¾ to 1 cup of water
Food Colouring 


Add the baby cereal, water and food Colouring to a food processor. If you do not have one, you can mix with a whisk. 
Mix until colour is well blended and adjust water quantity based on the consistency you would like. 

Help spread a little cheer in the neighbourhood by encouraging your young ones to make brightly painted rainbow signs splashed with positive sayings such as “In this together” and “Let’s all be well”, which you can then hang outside your home or in a window. Symbolising unity and hope, this mini-movement is picking up momentum all around the world and sends a simple yet powerful reminder that we can all create #MomentsTogether. 

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